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Big  Audacious Goal

Know an artist with a big goal?
Enter them in the BAG Challenge for a chance to win
$1500+ worth of support from KS Management

(the + is the instant joy of checking that stubborn item off your to-do list)

How it Works


Tailored to their specific goal, the winner will get support making their BAG come to life with The Build Package - this might include custom copywriting, new webpage layout, personalized graphic design, EMS funnel set-up - the options are as boundless as your creativity!

Each one unique

You can give Shout Outs to as many people as you want, and multiple people can Shout Out for you. Shout Outs are unique, so you can give them to 5 different artists, but you can’t give 5 to a single artist.

Ready, Set, Go!

Leading up to the live name drawing & workshop on February 1st, we’ll be sharing tips about how we approach project management to keep your momentum going.

Get the emails

Get a Shout Out

Ready-made IG stories & email copy
so you can ask your friends and colleagues to help you win!


"I could not believe how quick and streamlined everything was. It immediately gave me the mental equity I needed to launch successfully."

Danny Ziemann

Author, Educator &

Touring Jazz Bassist

"If you’re looking for the Ultimate Swiss Army Knife of business-assisting talent, check out @ksartsmanagement right now – you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven!"
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Gin Walker

Copy Expert &

Vespa Enthusiast

What is The Build?

You’re ready to take that next step, but first you need to finish building [insert name of the asset you keep putting off to tomorrow].


Sound familiar? Don’t let the pieces of your project derail your momentum - we eat obstacles for breakfast.

Give your timeline an immediate boost to make that project happen this month instead of “this year.”

So rather than battling blank-page-syndrome, or acquiring skill sets you have neither the time nor the interest in pursuing, or waking up in the middle of the night with existential guilt that you’re not reaching your full potential (we love that one) - let the KS Team help.

My  Personal Cheerleader
"I was implementing new marketing initiative—doing a big business growth push. It required excellent communication and helpful suggestions.

Henri provided all of the above! They were my personal cheerleader: personable, responsive, thorough, and had my best interest at heart!

This is a team that genuinely wants you to get the best results possible and are in your corner to provide a smooth experience every step of the way.

Christine Franklyn,

Founder of The Good Living Network

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