Think of The Build like a Golden Ticket to the factory that will make your dreams a reality.


You know that project that's been tugging at the back of your mind, but you can't quite bring yourself to start working on it? That's what your Golden Ticket is for.

You bring the plan, we bring it to life with your voice + our diverse set of experiences and tools.

Focus on the fun parts and sleep like a baby knowing that your team has the hard part handled.

Suddenly, the idea that once lived inside your brain is fully realized for your audience - and YOU - to enjoy.

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"Whenever I talked to anyone from KS Management, there was this cheerful, relaxed, polite atmosphere - and that was gold for me to have that energy! I think everyone could benefit from the help of these amazing people."

Nicole Müller

Harpist &

Messaging Specialist

What's Included:

1:1 Planning Session with Our Team

We Begin Building Immediately

Creation Check-Ins Along the Way

Ready-to-Integrate Dream Product
(within 30 days)


"I could not believe how quick and streamlined everything was. It immediately gave me the mental equity I needed to do my launch successfully."

Danny Ziemann

Author, Educator &

Touring Jazz Bassist

You’re ready to take that next step, but first you need to finish building [insert name of the asset you keep putting off to tomorrow].


Sound familiar? Don’t let the pieces of your project derail your momentum - we eat obstacles for breakfast.

Give your timeline an immediate boost to make that project happen this month instead of “this year.”

So rather than battling blank-page-syndrome, or acquiring skill sets you have neither the time nor the interest in pursuing, or waking up in the middle of the night with existential guilt that you’re not reaching your full potential (we love that one) - let the KS Team help.

My  Personal Cheerleader
"I was implementing new marketing initiative—doing a big business growth push. It required excellent communication and helpful suggestions.

Henri provided all of the above! They were my personal cheerleader: personable, responsive, thorough, and had my best interest at heart!

This is a team that genuinely wants you to get the best results possible and are in your corner to provide a smooth experience every step of the way.

Christine Franklyn,

Founder of The Good Living Network you can skip ahead to the fun part!

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