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The Lead In is your opening act for new audience members, showcasing your signature product, services and style.


Create a one-of-a-kind lead magnet turns viewers into fans and brings them back for more!

With The Lead In, you get a fresh pair of eyes on material that feels too familiar to keep reworking.

You get to provide your audience with quality content with a shiny look - without having to generate any new stuff.

Our team's quick turnaround allows you to implement your new lead magnet within two weeks.


"They took my ideas, words, story and passion and created something beautiful and polished."

Courtney Blankenship

Music Business Professor

& Harmony Coach

What's Included:


2 Design Pitches

Edits based on your Feedback

Copywriting & Integration Support

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"I could not believe how quick and streamlined everything was. It immediately gave me the mental equity I needed to do my launch successfully."

Danny Ziemann

Author, Educator &

Touring Jazz Bassist

As the first interaction new viewers have with your brand, you want to make a clear first impression.


Consistently branded materials enhance your messaging and business standards.

But building those materials is time consuming and takes you away from running your business.

Focus your energy on your high-ticket offers while our team crafts your low-ticket assets.

My first experience was so fantastic that I returned to hire the team a second time.

They genuinely want you to get the best results possible and are in your corner to help you have a smooth experience every step of the way. 

Christine Franklyn,

Founder of The Good Living Network

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"Whenever I talked to anyone from KS Management, there was this cheerful, relaxed, polite atmosphere - and that was gold for me to have that energy! I think everyone could benefit from the help of these amazing people."

Nicole Müller

Harpist &

Messaging Specialist