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Whether you're kicking off your signature program with a intimate gathering, promoting that program with a special workshop, or hosting your community for a fully-curated weekend, the KS Team is here to help it go as smoothly (and enjoyably) as possible.

The Event creates a tailor-made experience for your guests.


Instead of an all-in-one body wash, shampoo, and conditioner combo, provide them - and yourself - with the best-smelling shampoo and conditioner from the salon, plus the handmade soap made with local ingredients and matching lotion.

Here, have some of those chocolates you love while we show you how!


My  Personal Cheerleader

"I was implementing new marketing initiative—doing a big business growth push. It required excellent communication and helpful suggestions. Henri was all of the above! They were my personal cheerleader and had my best interest at heart!"

Christine Franklyn


What's Included:


A Map of Your Participants' Experience

Asset Creation
from Promotion
to Production

Customer Support from Save-the-Date to the Final Replay

Comprehensive Day-Of Management

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Imagine this...

Say you want to plan a nice evening of food and festivities for your friends,

so you consider hiring a caterer.

You learn from their website that you can choose one of three frozen canapés to serve

at your party. You provide the date, time, address, and number of canapés

you’d like to purchase and that’s that.

It’s clear from the information they’re asking for about your event (or lack thereof)

that they won’t be invested in whether or not your guests enjoy the food, and they certainly

won’t go out of their way to add to the warm and friendly atmosphere.

Plus planning every detail of the night on your own sounds… intimidating
(no matter

how excited you are to gather with your friends).

Enter KS Management: your personal chef, maître d', and fun neighbor

who brings over Jell-O cake all in one.

We’ll sit down with you to plan the menu and itinerary for the evening.

Based on your intentions for the gathering and your description of how

you’d like the night to go, we’ll put together the ingredient list, the staffing plan,

and how to achieve that just-right atmosphere.

On the night of The Event, you invite your closest friends into your home.

We got there early to light candles, make wine pairing suggestions, and

ensure the seating was ready.

When your guests arrive, we’re not circling the room with trays of lukewarm canapés;

we’re part of the evening, engaging with and making sure everyone is enjoying

their experience (and noticing your fabulous outfit!).

At the end of the night, we pack up and put it all away, then hand you a list of the top three dishes everyone loved so you can be sure to serve them at your next event.

You put your feet up for a nightcap and rest easy knowing you won't need to

finish cleaning anything in the morning.

The best part of it all?
You were able to enjoy the night just as much as your guests.



"I could not believe how quick and streamlined everything was. It immediately gave me the mental equity I needed to do my launch successfully."

Danny Ziemann

Author, Educator &

Touring Jazz Bassist

What's on The Event menu?

Planning meetings with the KS Team
Registration & landing page design
Email sequence/automation set-up
Mapping out your launch timeline
Organized, branded schedule of events

Dress rehearsal for you & presenters
Asset creation, including...
Branded & fillable workbook
Replay and bonus video library
Searchable resource management system
Visual timeline
Logo re-design

...and your burning questions, answered.

My first experience was so fantastic that I returned to hire the team a second time.

They genuinely want you to get the best results possible and are in your corner to help you have a smooth experience every step of the way. 

Christine Franklyn,

Founder of The Good Living Network

I’m so proud of what I accomplished with the help ofKate
and her team.

I had a vision for what I wanted to accomplish — a 90 minute webinar where I discussed a complex subject that required not only total mental focus but also the ability to connect to my audience with warmth and vulnerability.  I realized that I was spending so much time worrying about the behind-the-scenes technology that I couldn't put my energy where it really needed to be — the quality of my content and delivery.  Enter Kate and her incredible team.  The minute she stepped in to help with all the webinar logistics (everything from personally upgrading my Zoom account to building an email sequence to providing real time tech support during the event) all my worries disappeared.  I'm so proud of what I accomplished during the actual webinar, and I could never have done it without Kate and her team.  I will hire them again in a heartbeat.

Elizabeth Rowe

Principal Flute

Boston Symphony Orchestra

Artist, Activist, Mentor, Coach

Elizabeth is the Principal Flute player with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Among other things, she is also an artist, activist, mentor, and coach. Her work... 

In her own words...

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"Whenever I talked to anyone from KS Management, there was this cheerful, relaxed, polite atmosphere - and that was gold for me to have that energy! I think everyone could benefit from the help of these amazing people."

Nicole Müller

Harpist &

Messaging Specialist