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Ideal for masterminds, Evergreen courses and small group programs, Nuts + Bolts can elevate an offering and alleviate sticky points en route to new milestones.

Step by Step

Using video calls and screen recordings, we'll walk you through the best options from start to finish.

Personalized Support

Not an FAQ list, these are your questions - answered.

No Experience Required

Technical solutions explained using non-technical language - we meet you where you're at, so you don't need to decode the answers.

Team  Huddle

Get the benefit of our team's collective
expertise and experience.

Tell me more...

Your content is top-notch. You love the platforms that deliver your content. And you just know once your clients get on board with it they'll never want to use anything else.

But... instead of absorbing your fabulous material, your students are stuck on the technical/logistical/nitty gritty side of things.

You're teaching advanced marketing but their EMS automations are a mess. You're lecturing on high-level concepts & approaches but they have a hard time locating the handouts. You're discussing best business practices but they can't get their bank to connect to their POS.

Delegate the sticky points to us and stop letting them pull focus from your big picture.

Meet with the KS Team to see if this service is the just-right fit for your group's needs.


Skilled and Thorough

“At the Summer Bach Retreat, I help give people tools and techniques to succeed in the practice room and on stage.

Nuts + Bolts lets me focus on the artistic content by making the details of the program clear. Any possible question is answered with clear, accessible information, presented in ways that accommodate different learning styles.”

Nathan Cole
First Associate Concertmaster
of the Los Angeles Philharmonic
Nathan Cole.jpg
The Details

Jennifer Rosenfeld uses Nuts + Bolts to
focus on what she loves to teach

Business coach Jennifer Rosenfeld has run 3 rounds of her signature 6-Figure Musician Entrepreneur program, but in the Spring of 2021 she wanted to make a change. Jennifer loves digging deep into her clients' businesses, favoring guidance through business concepts, exercises, and personalized feedback...


...but a large portion of coaching calls were taken up by "how-to" questions. Seeing participants implement these concepts brings her joy, but going through the mechanics of setting up a landing page? Not so much. What would happen if she could devote all her time to the big concepts? How much deeper could she, and her clients, go without doubling the duration of the program? Like her high-powered clients, Jennifer's calendar was full - she didn't have any more time to give.


Enter the KSM team with Nuts + Bolts. Through bi-weekly live sessions and regular video responses, the participants of 6FME were given a space to ask all their mechanical and implementation questions, preserving Jennifer's sessions for exclusively business related topics. Not only did her clients get their questions answered, they used Nuts + Bolts as a time to skill-up and a place to cheer each other on. From setting up landing pages to designing lead magnets to de-mystifying email marketing systems, they finished Jennifer's program with confidence in their ability to self-troubleshoot. And if they get stuck, they have a complete, organized, searchable video library of every Nuts + Bolts question at their disposal.

With the "how-to's" off her plate, Jennifer is able to dream up new offers that focus only on what she loves to teach - and nothing else. She's giving her clients her best work, amazing value, and knows they are fully supported without Jennifer having to put in any extra hours. What will she offer next? The possibilities are as endless as her creativity.  

See what her participants have to say...

Nuts + Bolts was such a valuable resource!

Shanna headshot.png
"It was incredibly helpful to have a dedicated team and time to ask technical how-do-I questions that were specific to me and what I wanted to do. I loved listening in on everyone else's questions too because inevitably I discovered new tricks, too. The whole KS Management team is so kind, clear, and patient!"
Shanna Pranaitis
Artistic Director, FluteXpansions
The Topics
The Impact
Automated email sequences
Using payment processors
What is a brand kit & how to make one
Getting comfortable with Zoom hosting
Plug-and-play landing pages
Form integration
Lead magnet delivery & design
Touring Google Suite
Everyone's a graphic designer with Canva!
Personal schedulers

Our most popular tech topics

...and your burning questions, answered.

"There are a lot of things involved in the program running smoothly, and it’s such a dream for me now that I can show up and teach, show up and coach, prepare materials, talk to clients, and that’s it."

-Jennifer Rosenfeld

frequently asked questions


A   huge advantage

"Nuts + Bolts allowed me to focus more on the training and conversations with my clients during our sessions. The KS Team was right there to pop in with the proper links and resources we needed.

I felt calm and at peace knowing their support was available, not just for me but for my clients as well. They complemented and supplemented each session!"

Lisa Mullis
Brand Messaging Specialist,
Paraphrase Communications
The Advantage

Almost Ready


Still have questions? Meet with the KS Team to discuss your specific needs.

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