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Technical solutions explained using non-technical language - we meet you where you're at, so you don't need to decode the answers.

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Ideal for masterminds, Evergreen courses and small group programs, Nuts & Bolts can elevate an offering and alleviate sticky points en route to new milestones.


Meet with the KSM Team to see if this service is right for your group's needs.

Jennifer Rosenfeld uses Nuts + Bolts to
focus on what she loves to teach

Business coach Jennifer Rosenfeld has run 3 rounds of her signature 6-Figure Musician Entrepreneur program, but in the Spring of 2021 she wanted to make a change. Jennifer loves digging deep into her clients' businesses, favoring guidance through business concepts, exercises, and personalized feedback...but a large portion of coaching calls were taken up by "how-to" questions. Seeing participants implement these concepts brings her joy, but going through the mechanics of setting up a landing page? Not so much. What would happen if she could devote all her time to the big concepts? How much deeper could she, and her clients, go without doubling the duration of the program? Like her high-powered clients, Jennifer's calendar was full - she didn't have any more time to give.


Enter the KSM team with Nuts + Bolts. Through bi-weekly live sessions and regular video responses, the participants of 6FME were given a space to ask all their mechanical and implementation questions, preserving Jennifer's sessions for exclusively business related topics. Not only did her clients get their questions answered, they used Nuts + Bolts as a time to skill-up and a place to cheer each other on. From setting up email sequences to designing lead magnets to de-mystifying TikTok, they finished Jennifer's program with confidence in their ability to self-troubleshoot. And if they get stuck, a complete, organized, searchable video library of every Nuts + Bolts question is at their disposal.

With the "how-to's" off her plate, Jennifer is able to dream up new offers that focus only on what she loves to teach - and nothing else. She's giving her clients her best work, amazing value, and knows they are fully supported without Jennifer having to put in any extra hours. What will she offer next? The possibilities are as endless as her creativity.  

"Quote from Jennifer."
-Jennifer Rosenfeld

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