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Meet Matthew

Matthew is here to help you be seen online the way you

want to be seen.

In a collaboration with KS Management,
social strategist Matthew Ruehlman is rolling up his sleeves to do full workup of your digital presence, distilling

- what's working
- what's not
- and what's next

“Completely fantastic!"

He was able to show me what was working and why.

Now I have a really clear sense of how to create my own schedule and map it out, so it doesn’t feel like a 15th job.

- Shanna Pranaitis

Artistic Director, FluteXpansions

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The world of online promotion is like a big corn maze - everyone else is doing it, and you want to give it a shot!


5 hours later, you’re somewhere deep inside the maze and no idea if you’re any closer than when you started.


You start asking everyone who passes by; they try to help but their directions just get you even more turned around.


Your mentality slowly shifts from


“If I just keep putting in more time, just keep trying new paths, I’ll eventually figure it out...right?”




“I’ve wasted so much time in here and haven’t made any progress. Meanwhile I could have been eating cider donuts and picking apples!”


Imagine yourself standing on the other end of the maze, warm cider donut in hand, saying


“That was fun! Now that I know one way through, I think I’d like to try another one.” 


You’re glowing with the confidence of someone who isn’t afraid to walk into the unknown - you’re equipped with the tools to find the right path for you.

Next Steps.png

We hear you - the internet is the ultimate maze and there are no cider donuts on the other side!


“I’m just bad at representing myself in a way that’s genuine and engaging.” 


When you get coffee with an old friend - do you think about how you're representing yourself? Do you feel like you have to perform to get their attention, or can you hold a relaxed conversation just being yourself? Promoting yourself online can be just as graceful, and dare we say, fun!


“I’m not bad at social media - I just hate it!”

That’s fair. In that case, feel free to leave this page and go back to scrolling through your newsfee...oh wait. Potentially there are types of social media that you enjoy engaging with? What would it look like if you only did posts you love? 


“Nobody gets my humor.”

It’s the internet. Your audience is there, we promise!

“My audience is really niche - I’ve hit the upper limit of my reach.”

See point above about the internet being very big, and it grows every day! Specificity is great and can be a real asset in calling in your ideal viewer - as long as they can see you.


About Matthew

Matthew Ruehlman is a Cincinnati, OH native with a penchant for storytelling. He's found his work as a composer and performer has translated brilliantly into the social media strategy work he does with KS Management – after all, social strategy is all about getting an artist's or business's story out into the world! He's excited to jump into analytics and help you tell your story.


Ok, so you’re deep in the maze. You could keep trying different paths until you find one that looks promising. But even if you get lucky, will you know it when you see it?


That’s where Matthew comes in - if you look up you might see him standing there on the viewing platform above the maze. With his zoomed out view of your trajectory and the paths of those around you, he can create a map of next steps that allows you to forge ahead with ease and confidence. 


Don’t waste any more time on untested hacks recommended by other people - their audience is not your audience and they’re not you


Focus on the posts you love to make and your audience loves to see.


Smell that? There are cider donuts in your future.

How Shanna Pranaitis

More Than Doubled Her Reach

Shanna saw a 323% increase in reach within the first month.

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